About us

TCENet, an Intranet portal for our college provides everyone in TCE an unique opportunity to organize information, readily access information, publish various activities of the college online, all in a familiar, state-of-art browser-based environment. TCENet provides the perfect situation to foster teamwork among multiple departments. Whether the users are working from home or stationed in a remote place, TCENet solves the problem of keeping everyone consistently informed and connected.

Right Now Messages

  • General Elective Circular
                -Civil(BGA,BGD)             -EEE(EGD,EGC)
                -MECH(GGC,GGD)         -CSE(CGG,CGH)
                -ECE(DGA,DGC)             -IT(TGA,TGB)
  •        Certfication Programmes @ TCE Prometric Centre
    •  Computer Science Department (Open to all students)
      - RedHat RHCT and RHCE Certification
      - CSI supported Software Testing Certification
      - Oracle 9i Certification
      - Sun Java Certification
      - Microsoft .Net Courses and Certification
      - QAI - Software Testing - CAST
      - CompTIAA+(hardware and networking)
      - Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate